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Join a brotherhood dedicated to service, safety, and the spirit of motorcycling.

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Embrace the thrill of motorcycling with purpose. Join a unique community of law enforcement professionals. Experience camaraderie, service, and adventure with every ride.

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Become part of a prestigious network of law enforcement motorcyclists.

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Engage in memorable rides and meaningful events with fellow members.

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United in Service

Since our charter in 2002, Blue Knights Calgary has grown into a bastion of brotherhood, uniting law enforcement professionals through our shared passion for motorcycling.

Our chapter's journey is marked by dedication to community service, embodying the spirit of unity and commitment inherent in our members. We pride ourselves on being more than just a motorcycle club; we are a family bound by the common values of integrity, honor, and service.

Our rides are not just about the thrill of the road; they're about continuing a legacy of law enforcement officers who find solace and joy in the freedom of riding. We uphold the traditions of the Blue Knights, honoring those who serve and have served, while building bridges within the community.

Join us in our mission to ride with purpose, serve with heart, and connect with every throttle twist.

Ride with Purpose

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Blue Knights Calgary, where every ride is a blend of adventure, camaraderie, and service.

By joining us, you become part of an esteemed legacy that goes beyond the open road. It's an opportunity to ride alongside like-minded law enforcement professionals who share a deep commitment to upholding values both on and off the bike.

Our members experience a unique sense of belonging, forged in the spirit of motorcycling and strengthened by shared experiences and unwavering support.We offer more than just membership; we offer a chance to make a difference, to contribute to meaningful causes, and to share in the joy and responsibility of representing the law enforcement community.

With each event, ride, and gathering, you'll find opportunities for personal growth, community involvement, and creating lasting memories. Take the handlebars of your motorcycling journey with the Blue Knights Calgary and discover the road less traveled – one paved with honor, friendship, and purpose.

Events That Matter

Participating in Blue Knights Calgary events means immersing yourself in experiences that are both exhilarating and impactful. Our calendar is filled with diverse events, each tailored to foster brotherhood, community engagement, and the love of motorcycling.

From charity rides that contribute to local causes to social gatherings that strengthen our bonds, our events are the heartbeat of our chapter. They provide a platform for members to showcase their commitment to motorcycling safety, public service, and the shared values that define us as Blue Knights.

hrough these events, we not only share our passion for riding but also demonstrate our dedication to making a positive impact in the community. Join us as we ride through scenic routes, participate in community service projects, and come together to celebrate our achievements and memories.

Our events are more than just dates on a calendar; they are moments where our mission comes to life, where we ride not just for the thrill, but for a cause, for friendship, and for the enduring spirit of brotherhood.

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Stay informed on the latest chapter activities. From charity rides to community events, be part of our story.

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