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Discover the rich symbolism and proud history behind our cherished AB V Crest.

Blue Knights AB V Crest

Crafting Our Identity

The journey of our AB V Crest began with a meaningful conversation. What values define us, and how can we embody these in our crest? This dialogue set the stage for a symbol that would represent our unity and pride.

The first design, with its black background, was a bold start, yet it lacked clarity. Our commitment to excellence led us back to the drawing board. The evolution of our crest mirrors our chapter's growth and resilience.

Our revised crest emerged with vivid colors and distinct lines. A golden band and sharper imagery now highlight the symbols we hold dear. This crest is not just an emblem; it's a reflection of our journey and our spirit.

Symbols of Our Brotherhood

Each element of our crest carries deep significance. The shield symbolizes protection, a core tenet of our law enforcement roots. It's our commitment to safeguarding the values we uphold.

The sword represents our oath to defend and serve. It signifies the strength and courage inherent in our profession. The helm atop the crest embodies the nobility and honor of law enforcement.

Ten maple leaves honor the founding ten members, the pillars of our chapter. The shield's backdrop, featuring the Foothills, Calgary skyline, and the Rockies, roots us in Alberta's majestic landscape. The gold bars, symbolizing roads, remind us to 'Ride with Pride' in every journey.

Blue Knights AB V Crest

A Badge of Distinction

Our crest distinguishes its bearers, marking the bond between executive and members. Gold lettering for the executive, and blue for members, signifies different roles within our fraternity.

Wearing the AB V Crest is a badge of honor, a visual testament to our shared commitment and history. It's a symbol that unites us on the road and in our mission.

Every time we don our crest, we pay homage to those who contributed to its creation. We extend our gratitude to Eric for chronicling our crest's evolution, preserving our chapter's legacy.

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