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Join a distinguished brotherhood of riders who uphold honor, camaraderie, and community.

A Legacy of Brotherhood

Born from a passion for motorcycling and law enforcement, our chapter thrives on camaraderie. Our rides symbolize freedom, unity, and a deep respect for our noble profession. Together, we journey through roads less traveled, making every mile meaningful.

Founded in 2002, Calgary's Alberta V chapter is a proud part of a global fraternity. Embracing the Blue Knights' international spirit, we connect across borders. Our shared ethos of service and riding unites us across continents.

At the heart of Calgary's chapter lies a commitment to community and charity. We're not just about motorcycles; we're about making a difference. Our events and rides frequently support local causes, embodying our motto, 'Ride with Pride'.

Riders with a Cause

Our members are the soul of Blue Knights Calgary, coming from diverse law enforcement backgrounds. Active and retired officers find common ground in our fraternal bonds. United, we stand as role models in the community, upholding the law even off-duty.

Family is central to our chapter, extending beyond our members to their loved ones. Spouses and children often join in our rides and events, enriching our fraternity. This inclusive approach fosters a supportive and engaging environment for all.

Each member brings unique experiences, enriching our chapter with diverse perspectives. Our collective passion for riding and service creates a vibrant, dynamic community. Together, we celebrate, support, and share in the joys and challenges of life.

Guided by Leadership

Our executive team steers the chapter with vision, dedication, and integrity. They embody the Blue Knights' values, guiding us in every endeavor. Their leadership ensures our chapter's growth, nurturing a culture of respect and camaraderie.

The executive's commitment to the chapter extends beyond organizing rides and events. They foster an environment of safety, learning, and enjoyment for all members. Their efforts keep us connected, engaged, and focused on our mission.

With a deep understanding of law enforcement and motorcycling, the executive leads by example. They balance tradition with innovation, keeping our chapter vibrant and relevant. Their guidance ensures we remain a proud part of the Blue Knights legacy.

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